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Stay Safe During Spring Storms

Spring is a time of hope and renewal, but it can also bring severe weather and flooding. Are your prepared. Take these steps to keep your home and family safe during spring storms. Safety firstMake sure your family is...

When Scams Become Personal

As a social media generalist at PSEG Long Island, part of my job is educating our customers about the dangers of scammers pretending to be utility workers in order to steal money and personal information. Unfortunately...

7 Energy-Wasting Habits You Should Break

No one sets out to waste energy, but it’s easy to do. Check out these common energy-wasting habits. If they seem familiar, maybe it’s time you started making energy efficiency a part of your daily routine. 1...

Staying Safe in Ice and Snow

Living on Long Island or in the Rockaways, you know all too well that winter will always  present several challenges. From removing snow and ice to dressing appropriately and avoiding falls, winter safety should...

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