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It’s Energy Efficiency Day

October 4th is #EEDay2023

Energy Efficiency Day is a collaborative effort of dozens of energy efficiency advocates, utilities and others across the United States with a simple message: “Save Money. Cut Pollution. Create Jobs.” Energy efficiency is a low-cost, quick way to reduce your bills and pollution. It’s also an economic engine, supporting over two million jobs nationwide – most of which can’t be outsourced overseas.

PSEG Long Island is proud to join in this effort to promote the many benefits of energy efficiency, from lower costs to healthier homes.

Remember, daily habits make a difference!
Lower the thermostat a few degrees when away for a few hours, turn off lights when not needed, use ENERGY STAR certified appliances, and unplug devices when not in use. It all adds up to a more efficient home.

Here are some tips to help you save all year long:

  • Lighting
    Turn off lights when you’re the last one to leave a room. Switch to high-efficiency LEDs, which use up to 90% less energy than conventional bulbs.
  • Smart Thermostats
    Raise (in the summer) or lower (in the winter) the temperature at night or when away from home. This avoids heating an empty home or cooling unused bedrooms. Smart thermostats make it even easier and can reduce heating costs by up to 10%.
  • Laundry
    Wash laundry in cold water and when you have a full load. If available, be sure to use the moisture sensor on your dryer to avoid over drying.
  • Water
    Limit showers to under five minutes to save energy and water. Install water-efficient showerheads, which still provide a comfortable flow. Hot water accounts for up to 18% of home energy bills. Turn your water heater down to 120°F if you have a tank model. Insulate the tank to reduce standby heat loss. For tankless models, install an on-demand recirculation pump to quickly send hot water to fixtures while saving energy.
  • Insulate, insulate, insulate
    A cozy home starts with proper insulation. Focus first on insulating the attic, where heat rises and escapes through the roof. An R-30 rating or higher is ideal for maximum efficiency. Make sure to seal any attic air leaks. Insulating exterior walls makes a big difference too.
  • Windows
    Ensure existing windows are properly caulked and weather-stripped to seal air leaks. If possible, update old windows. Heat loss through poorly-insulated windows can account for up to 25% of winter energy use. Replacing old windows with new double- or triple-pane models will greatly reduce drafts and wasted energy.

Implementing these energy saving home improvements provides financial benefits too. PSEG Long Island offers rebates and incentives for high-efficiency heating equipment, smart thermostats, insulation, air sealing, and more. Visit our website to discover many more energy-saving tips and tools. Small steps can make a big difference for your bills and our planet.

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