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Staying Safe Outdoors

Warm weather and long days make it a great time for many of us to transform our outdoor spaces for the season. Whether you’re hooking up a sound system, inflating a bounce house or installing a pool for the kids, safety should always be top of mind.  

The following tips can help you make every summer a safe one:

  • Check that extension cords are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approved and rated for outdoor use and the amount of electricity they are to carry.
  • Check all electric cords for visible damage, such as cracks or fraying.
  • Be sure all outdoor outlets have GFCI protection and waterproof covers.
  • Avoid using powered garden tools on wet grass, hedges and shrubs.
  • Keep electronics well away from the pool.
  • Keep all ladders at least 10 feet away from overhead electric wires.
  • Call 8-1-1 before any digging project to have underground utilities located.

Balloon and Kite Safety

Metal is an especially effective conductor of electricity, and that includes the metallic coating on Mylar (or foil) balloons. When a Mylar balloon comes in contact with a power line, it can cause a short circuit. This can lead to power outages and fires.

  • Never try to remove anything caught in power lines or in electric substations.
  • Never fly kites or balloons in the rain or during an electrical storm.
  • Never cross a road or street while flying a kite or holding a balloon.
  • Kites and Mylar balloons should be kept away from overhead power lines and all utility equipment.
  • Make sure balloons are secured to a weight that is heavy enough to prevent them from floating away.
  • Always properly dispose of Mylar balloons safely by puncturing the balloon in several places to release the helium and prevent the balloon from flying away.

Drone Safety

  • Fly your drone at or below 400 feet.
  • Never fly your drone beyond your sight.
  • Stay at least 200 feet away from power lines or other electrical equipment.
  • Do not fly in dark, stormy or windy conditions.
  • Read and follow the drone manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the safety of your drone and people around you.

Call PSEG Long Island immediately, 24/7, at 800-490-0075.
We’re here to help! If a drone , kite or any other object enters an electrical substation or comes into contact with power lines, do not attempt to retrieve it. 

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