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Are You Ready for the Big Game?

Are you hosting a party for this Sunday’s Big Game? While you prepare for the gathering, keep these simple tips in mind to reduce your environmental footprint and impress guests with your green credentials.

Choose an energy efficient TV: If you’re purchasing a new big screen to watch the game, be sure to choose an energy efficient model. On average, televisions that are Energy Star® certified are 25% more energy efficient that other models.* Remember to recycle your old TV.

Check your thermostat: A house full of guests can warm up pretty quickly. In colder weather, remember to turn your thermostat down to keep everyone comfortable and save on your utility bill. Smart thermostats available from the PSEG Long Island Marketplace make it easy to hit the right temperature and lower energy use.

Recycle: Let guests know where they can dispose of their recyclables. This a simple step to reduce

Make it a potluck: Making the celebration a potluck will not only ensure there will be enough food for everyone but, it will also ensure there will be at least one dish everyone will enjoy. It will also help reduce waste as guests can take home their leftovers at the end of night.

Skip the decorations: Single-use decorations will more than likely be tossed after the party. Avoid these altogether to reduce landfill waste. 

Encourage guests to carpool: Guests can save on gas by riding together or by using mass transit.

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*Source: ENERGY STAR® Individual savings not guaranteed.

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