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Low-Cost Energy-Saving Upgrades for 2023

Let’s start the new year off right by recognizing National Cut Your Energy Costs Day – a day devoted to homeowners and small business owners looking for ways to reduce energy costs and improve efficiency. Energy is a cost you can control, but big, expensive efficiency upgrades may not always fit into your budget. If that sounds familiar, consider these low-cost upgrades.

Smart thermostats

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of smart technology – from Amazon Alexa and Google Home to LED lights and door locks. If you have yet to make the jump, smart thermostats are a great place to start. After all, space conditioning is likely your biggest energy expense, and a smart thermostat can help optimize savings and comfort. Smart models automatically adjust building temperatures according to your schedule, just like conventional programmable thermostats, but they come with advanced features, such as self-programmable and remote control.

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LED lighting

High-efficiency LED lighting has been around for a while now, but it has yet to be installed in many smaller facilities. That may be because of the perceived big expense involved. In fact, low-cost LED replacement bulbs are available that will fit right into most conventional linear fluorescent fixtures. You can realize the benefits of higher-efficiency and higher-quality lighting without a costly major system upgrade.

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Occupancy controls

Even high-efficiency LEDs waste energy lighting empty rooms. Maximize your savings and convenience by adding occupancy controls. Occupancy sensors automatically turn lights on when someone enters a space and turns them off a short time after they leave (if the space is unoccupied). Vacancy sensors require someone to switch on the light when they enter a space, but still switch them off after it is no longer occupied. They can be even more effective at reducing lighting energy use.

Advanced plugging

Many plugged-in devices in your business — such as computers, printers and breakroom appliances — continue to draw power after hours or when no one is using them. Stop wasting energy by plugging these devices into an advanced power strip or smart plug. These low-cost, easy-to-use devices automatically cut power to plugged-in equipment when it’s no longer in use.

Check out our buyer’s guide to advanced power strips.

Get a check-up

There are many ways to reduce your energy costs without straining your budget. Start the new year off right with a business energy audit. A professional auditor will inspect your facility and provide you with a targeted set of recommendations that will save you energy and money. Get a customized plan to make your business as efficient as possible. Schedule your assessment

Next Steps

If you are ready to install new, energy-efficient equipment at your facility, let us help you with the up-front cost. Check out our Business and Commercial rebate programs to see if your new equipment pre-qualifies.

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