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As temperatures climb, PSEG Long Island’s summer rebates can lower your electric usage

Summer’s here and temperatures are rising. Fortunately, PSEG Long Island customers can take advantage of numerous rebate and incentive programs for equipment and appliances to help reduce their energy usage and lower their bills while beating the heat.

Why does PSEG Long Island want to give our customers the tools they need to take control of their energy usage? Because usage is the biggest determining factor in the overall amount on their bills. And when more and more people take advantage of these tools, we also reduce overall peak demand, which saves all of our customers money next year.

PSEG Long Island must purchase power in advance, basing the amount on load forecasts and state-mandated capacity requirements that incorporate peak-usage levels from previous years. By reducing peak usage this year, we lower the amount of power that must be purchased in advance for next summer.

Let’s take a look at some of PSEG Long Island’s top summer rebates and incentives:

Smart Thermostats

$70 – $100 Rebates

Customers can reduce their home energy costs by installing a new ENERGY STAR® certified Smart thermostat. Programmable thermostats offer pre-programmed settings to deliver savings without sacrificing comfort.

Solar Covers and Heat Pump Pool Heaters

$75 – $1,000 Rebates

Customers with swimming pools can install an energy efficient heat pump pool heater to maximize their savings while enjoying a swim. These typically last longer than gas pool heaters and they normally have much lower annual operating costs because of their higher efficiencies.  Solar pool cover rebates are available to customers who have applied for a Heat Pump Pool Heater rebate since 2020.

Lawn Equipment (Rechargeable)

$20 – $30 Rebates

Purchasing a rechargeable lawn mower, blower, and/or weed trimmer can save customers money while benefiting the environment. These powerful tools work to the same standards as their gas counterparts without producing greenhouse gas emissions.

To learn more about rebates on smart thermostats, heat pump pool heaters, lawn equipment and more, visit   

Home Comfort Program

$40 (central air conditioner tune up) to several thousand dollars (whole house heat pumps)

The Home Comfort Program promotes energy efficiency with the installation of high efficiency, properly-sized, quality installed ducted/ductless residential heat pump systems. The goal is to reduce fossil fuel emissions by electrifying residential heating systems using heat pumps and controls to both heat and cool the home.

To learn more about the Home Comfort Program, visit

Check out how you can start the summer savings here:

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