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When will my power come back?

When the power is out, you want to know one thing – when’s it coming back?

When you report an outage to PSEG Long Island, you will receive a system-generated Estimated Time of Restoration (ETR) based on historical outage data. These estimates typically range from two to eight hours. As more information becomes available, we may update your ETR. Restoration times depend on many factors including the type of damage, the type of restoration needed and the order of restoration.

How does PSEG Long Island restore power?

During a widespread outage, there are certain places that must be restored first. Places such as power plants, substations, hospitals, police and fire stations as well as water and sewage treatment facilities. Once those high focus locations are back up and running, our crews are sent to the locations that can get the most customers back on in the shortest period of time. Here is our four-step process:

STEP ONE: High-Voltage Transmission and Substations
STEP TWO: Critical and Vital Public Services
STEP THREE: Greatest Number of Customers
STEP FOUR: Individual Homes and Businesses

We continue to work 24/7 to restore power to neighborhoods and individual homes or businesses until the power’s back for everyone.

What is backyard restoration?

Ever wonder why your restoration times are longer than others? It may be because your home requires backyard restoration. Speedy restoration depends on where our utility poles are placed. In most cases they run along the street so our bucket trucks can easily reach them. In some cases the power lines and utility poles are in your backyard. When poles are in backyards, the restoration process is very labor-intensive. Our crews have to climb the poles and if we have to replace a pole we have to order special equipment. While restorations may take longer, just know that we are working hard until your power is back up and running.

What is a nested outage?

Have you ever received notice from us that your power has been restored when your power was still out? That’s because our crews restored the whole neighborhood, but your house is experiencing what we call a nested outage. A nested outage is a more localized issue, whether it be a blown fuse or a tree hanging on your homes direct power line. We are not aware of all nested outages, which is why it is important that you respond to us saying that your power is still out.

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