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This Year Celebrate Energy Savings: 10 Ways to be Energy Efficient this Holiday Season

ome energy use can increase during the holiday season with travel, holiday gatherings and seasonal decorations. But you don’t have to be a Scrooge to conserve energy, save money and help the environment as you celebrate the season. Here’s a list of 10 simple ways to cut holiday home energy use (and yes, we checked it twice.)

1.Unplug electronics before leaving town: TVs, DVD players, computers, printers, radios and many other electronics use energy even when they aren’t turned on. Disconnect these phantom energy users before traveling for the holidays, or switch to a smart power strip that does the job for you.

2. Lower the thermostat when guests arrive: When the party starts, turn down the heat while holiday cooking and extra warm bodies automatically raise the temperature in your home.

3.Bake several dishes at once: Take advantage of the energy that goes into warming your oven by baking as many dishes at once as possible.

4. Avoid preheating when possible: Anything that needs to be baked or roasted for more than an hour doesn’t need to be put into a preheated oven. You can also save by turning the oven off 10 or 15 minutes before the dish is done.

5. Close the fireplace damper when the fire is off: Leaving it open allows warm air to escape out of the chimney.

6. Turn room lighting off when the tree is lit: You’ll have plenty of light simply by using Christmas tree lighting to illuminate the room. And your tree will look better than ever.

7.Use LED holiday lights and put them on a timer: Set the timer to turn lights on when it gets dark and off at bedtime. Aim to keep holiday lights on for less than six hours a day.

8.Upgrade to a smart thermostat: An Energy Star®* smart thermostat can help you save up to $50 a year† on energy costs while keeping your home comfortable.

9. Let the sunshine in: Open draperies and shades during the day to let in the warming sunlight and close them at night to reduce chill and cut down on drafts.

10.Don your winter apparel: Stay warm at home with your favorite ugly sweater or the onesie pajamas you received as a gift last year to avoid turning up the heat.

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*Source: ENERGY STAR® Smart thermostats that earn the ENERGY STAR® label have been independently certified, based on actual field data, to deliver energy savings.
Source: — Individual savings not guaranteed.

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