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PSEG Long Island knows that small businesses are the backbone of Long Island’s economy. More than that, they are the backbone of every individual community here in Nassau and Suffolk counties. That’s why PSEG Long Island continues to work hard to ensure that small businesses have the support they need by strengthening the electric system to withstand extreme weather, by improving storm preparations and communications, and by expanding customer service in new, business-centric ways.

Strengthening the infrastructure

Reliable electric service is fundamental to businesses of all sizes. PSEG Long Island has been making strategic infrastructure investments since 2014 to improve the system’s ability to withstand extreme weather. Since the implementation of the FEMA-funded storm-hardening program in 2014, PSEG Long Island has completed storm hardening and reliability work on more than 900 miles of distribution mainline circuits, including some that serve our downtown areas. Stormhardened circuits have seen a significant reduction in storm damage and 35% fewer outages. PSEG Long Island’s planners and engineers have focused on upgrading and building new transmission lines and substations, including projects to ensure that new developments in places like Plainview and Uniondale have safe, reliable electric services as shops open for business.

Here are just a few of the system improvements that have been made recently to increase electric capacity and reliability:

  • New transformers installed at substations to provide additional capacity during peak demand in

Elmont, Uniondale, Culloden Point, Roslyn, Far Rockaway and Flowerfield

  • Four new distribution feeder lines installed to accommodate load growth in Elmont, Uniondale, Roslyn and Flowerfield
  • Six distribution circuits upgraded to improve reliability in Kings Point, North Hills, Massapequa, Mitchel Gardens, Lake Success and Rockaway Beach
  • 37 transmission system circuit breakers added or replaced for enhanced system reliability
  • A new transmission circuit installed between the Riverhead and Canal substations
  • A transmission circuit upgraded between the Wildwood and Riverhead substations

Improved storm communication

PSEG Long Island also knows that communication during and after a storm is crucial for small businesses to keep revenue flowing and costs minimized. PSEG Long Island has improved and rigorously tested its communication technology since last year’s summer storm season.

The goal of these upgrades, as always, is to make communication better, easier and more accurate than ever before. PSEG Long Island encourages all of its business customers to take advantage of these tools.

  • MyAlerts: Signing up for MyAlerts allows customers to report an outage and get power restoration updates via cell phone. Business customers who already have MyAlerts should be sure to sign up with their cell phone numbers to receive information.
  • MyPower Map: Accessing the state-of-the-art outage map offers 24/7 real-time outage, crew and restoration information.
  • Storm Center: Visit the hub of storm information on the PSEG Long Island website at

A personal approach to business customer service

Finally, PSEG Long Island knows that small businesses have unique needs. In the coming months, PSEG Long Island Business Customer Advocates will begin visiting individual businesses in commercial districts—making personal connections; sharing important information about rates, incentives, and energy assessments; and addressing specific issues that individual business owners are facing. The last 18 months have brought unprecedented levels of uncertainty to small businesses all across Long Island. Through it all, PSEG Long Island has been there for them. As they work to achieve a “new normal” in a post-pandemic world, PSEG Long Island will continue to find ways to help them thrive. For more information on the programs PSEG Long Island offers to small businesses, please visit

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