Plugged IN with PSEG Long Island

Room for Energy Savings

In every room of your home, you can make room for savings. You can feel like a magician conjuring up energy efficiency in your laundry room.

Look at this ordinary incandescent bulb. Alakazam! Now it’s an LED. Voila! It also provides better light quality.

That old dryer — presto chango — it’s now a new ENERGY STAR® model with smart features that can sense when the clothes are dry.

Watch as I cut the cost for running this load in half. Abracadabra! Running full loads makes real dollars disappear from water and energy bills.

Behold! These balls hold powers. Throw them in the dryer and the clothes will dry quicker. Ta-da!

For my next trick, I’ll dry these clothes for free, using nothing but the air around me!

And that’s how you’ll feel when you find room for savings in your laundry room — almost like magic.

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