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Make the Most Out of #CutYourEnergyCostsDay

PSEG Long Island customers have saved $330 million on energy bills since 2014

PSEG Long Island proudly announces that business and residential customers throughout Long Island and the Rockaways have saved an estimated $330 million on electric bills over the past seven years by taking advantage of PSEG Long Island’s energy efficiency programs.

In recognition of National Cut Your Energy Costs Day – Jan. 10 – PSEG Long Island commends its customers for making a commitment to the environment by making cost-effective, energy-saving upgrades to their homes and businesses. National Cut Your Energy Costs Day encourages people to look for ways to reduce energy costs and save on their energy bills.

There are several energy cost saving programs and products available to PSEG Long Island customers. If it is time to replace an old inefficient cooling/heating system, the PSEG Long Island Home Comfort Program offers options to save on the purchase of new, high efficiency air source heat pumps that will lower energy usage, save money and provide greater comfort.  Rebates are available for ducted air source heat pumps, ducted geothermal heat pumps, and ductless mini split systems. 

Customers can also save money by making simple DIY updates. Here are some tips that can help save money and energy on National Cut Your Energy Costs Day and every other day of the year:

  • Replace old inefficient light bulbs with LED bulbs. A single LED bulb will save a household approximately $230 over the lifetime of each bulb. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, lighting accounts for 15% of home electric use. Replacing incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs and fixtures will save energy and money.
  • Use energy efficient power strips. Items plugged into outlets can waste electricity just by being plugged in, even when turned off. This is sometimes referred to as “phantom power.” A simple way to eliminate this avoidable usage is to use an energy efficient power strip or unplug electronic devices when not in use.
  • Install timers and motion detectors. Automatically turning indoor and outdoor lights on and off by using timers or motion detectors is another way to save energy.
  • Lower your thermostat by just 1 degree. This has the potential to reduce your heating bill by up to 3%. Save even more by lowering your thermostat 2 degrees during the day and 5 to 10 degrees at bedtime, if health conditions permit. PSEG Long Island offers rebates on smart thermostats that can be programmed to lower your thermostat automatically.
  • Ceiling fans aren’t just for the summer. In the winter, slowly spinning ceiling fans can be set to rotate clockwise, pushing the air upward towards the ceiling. This will circulate warm air near the ceiling down the walls and towards the occupants in the room.
  • Seal up windows and door frames. Use weather stripping or caulk to seal up cracks and prevent drafts. Also be sure to remove or cover window air conditioners to reduce drafts.

Independent annual evaluations by Opinion Dynamics Corporation have found PSEG Long Island’s energy efficiency and renewable energy programs generate energy savings that are cost-effective. In its evaluation for 2019, Opinion Dynamics found that the PSEG Long Island Energy Efficiency Program generated $2 in benefits to the utility and its customers for every $1 in costs to operate the program, including rebates.

For additional information and to learn how to cut energy use every day visit, Be part of the conversation on National Cut Your Energy Costs Day by using the hashtag: #CutYourEnergyCostsDay. 

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