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Happy Engineers Week! Here’s how PSEG Long Island’s engineers are shaping our world.

Throughout the week of February 16, 2020, we at PSEG Long Island were proud to celebrate our engineers’ achievements and contributions as part of National Engineers Week.

EWeek, as it is called, is dedicated to ensuring a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce by increasing understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers. The week also celebrates how engineers make a difference in our world.

How do PSEG Long Island’s engineers make a difference in your world? If you live on Long Island or in the Rockaways, it’s all around you.

Engineers work hard to design power line circuits that are safe, reliable and minimally disruptive to your neighborhoods. They determine how to integrate essential equipment into the existing installations at our substations to help ensure there is enough electric capacity for even the hottest summer days. They oversee large-scale projects to implement new, cutting-edge technology to improve reliability.

Engineers are the ones making the plans that will help PSEG Long Island become the electric company of the future. Whether that means studying projections of where electric vehicle charging will be heavily concentrated to ensure our infrastructure is ready, determining the best geographic locations to encourage the development of solar and other renewable energy resources, or planning how to implement new customer-based energy efficiency programs that will reduce the need for new power plants, their expertise will shape the world we will see five years from now.

In some cases, our engineers have gone above and beyond to help shape the world even further into the future through mentorship. Carl Williams, a principal staff engineer in our Distribution Engineering Department, has volunteered for many years with the FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Tech Challenge Robotics Qualifier competition, serving recently as head referee as students and their adult mentors create robots together to solve a common problem.

We are also honored to remember Joseph Schier, an engineer who spent 41 years with the electric company here, and who developed an educational partnership with Cornell and Hofstra universities to give engineering students a six-month immersion in the real challenges and tools of our trade here at PSEG Long Island.

We have more than 150 employees with an engineering job title or role who strive every day to provide our customers with the best electric system with the best reliability possible. We’d like to introduce just a few to you!

Purba Atandrila is a recent Stony Brook University graduate. She joined PSEG Long Island last July and is putting her mechanical engineering degree to use testing transformers and other sensitive equipment in our Substation Maintenance technical group.

Kevin Rodgers is a longtime Huntington resident who has taken his engineering degree and applied it to project management. As a Navy veteran, he enjoys volunteering in the community as part of PSEG Long Island’s Vets employee business resource group.

Nicholas Culpepper has been with the electric utility on Long Island for eight years and is currently manager of Transmission Planning. In addition to designing the electrical system, Culpepper is also a veteran who enjoys volunteering with the Vets employee business resource group.

Are you interested in an engineering career with PSEG Long Island? Please visit to learn more.

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