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Marco Cucci – PSEG Long Island

Did I pay my PSEG Long Island bill? 

This thought comes crashing into my head as I pull my car into the field parking lot at my daughter’s school.

As a working father with two young children, I’ve noticed my memory isn’t what it used to be — or maybe I just have too many things to remember. What time does the game start? Is it even at this field? Was I supposed to bring water for the team this week? Do I have cash on me? Did I even pay my bills yet? Did I pay my electric bill?

Fortunately, PSEG Long Island has launched a new mobile app for customers who have Apple or Android devices, so I can manage my account on the go. Before I make my way out of the car, I grab my phone, tap on the PSEG Long Island app and log into My Account. I can’t remember half the things about my daughter’s game, let alone more passwords, but thankfully the PSEG Long Island app lets me use facial ID for immediate access. Phew. Looks like I did pay my bill. Now I can focus my attention where it belongs: on my little girl, number 9, ready to go. As both teams hit the field, I am relaxed, knowing that I didn’t miss a thing.

Multitasking has become a way of life for many people just like me. We expect companies to offer multiple ways to do business with them that fits into our busy schedules, on our own time, in our own way, wherever we happen to be. The PSEG Long Island app is just one of many ways my company is leveraging technology to accommodate my chaotic life.

Its powerful features include:

  • Viewing and paying bills
  • Reporting an outage and getting updates
  • Contacting customer service

PSEG Long Island has developed a whole range of high-tech ways for me to make a payment, set up recurring payments and text reminders, view my energy use and report an outage.  Whether I’m using the app, texting PSEG Long Island using the MyAlerts feature, or interacting with the company via social media, I can get things done without having to call and speak with an actual person. 

Another recent PSEG Long Island innovation is the customer service chat feature at It allows me to interact with a customer service representative who will personally resolve my issues or answer questions. Look for the “online chat” tab the next time you’re visiting the website.

Apps are incredible tools that can really help make life easier for us multitaskers. Even if you already use some of PSEG Long Island’s online features, I encourage you to download the new mobile app. You’ll always be one tap away from knowing if you’ve paid your utility bill — and that kind of peace of mind is a real game-changer. 

Download the PSEG Long Island app today!

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