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Being a lineman, there’s nothing like it


As a business manager for IBEW 1049, I have the honor of representing the men and women on the front lines making sure people have power on blue sky days and during storms. I’m a former lineman myself, and know how hard linemen train and work and make personal sacrifices to do their jobs. When the public is asked to stay home during and after a storm, linemen and linewomen report to work, working 16-hour shifts, around the clock, until every last customer is restored.

Today is National Lineman Appreciation Day and I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to thank the men and women dedicated to keeping electricity flowing for their customers every day, in all types of weather conditions.

Our relationship with PSEG Long Island has never been stronger. IBEW 1049 electric workers are proud of the vital role they play in ensuring that customers on Long Island and in the Rockaways have the best-in-class service that they expect and deserve. Behind the scenes, around the clock and 365 days a year, linemen are always ready and available.

We were challenged during the four nor’easters that struck in March. But we did what we do: restore power to customers as safely and quickly as possible. Heeding the call for help from neighboring utilities is a great feeling too. Some of our linemen recently had the opportunity to travel to Puerto Rico to put the lights back on for people in dire circumstances — helping them take a first step toward rebuilding their lives after Hurricane Maria.

Being a lineman is a challenging profession not only for the men and women doing the work, but for their families at home, sometimes celebrating birthdays and holidays without them. It can be tough, but it is gratifying work. The comradery amongst a crew is incredible and being the one to interact with customers and receive the thanks when we turn their power back on, there’s nothing like it.

– Ron Bauer, Business Manager & Financial Secretary – IBEW 1049

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