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Introducing our newest way to save energy and money – MyEnergy


October is National Financial Planning Month. Throughout the next couple of weeks, we’ll be highlighting some of the programs we offer for residential and small business customers on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But today, we’re excited to announce our newest tool to help customers save money – MyEnergy.

What is MyEnergy?

MyEnergy is a new, online platform accessible through MyAccount, that allows customers to view their energy usage; track energy efficiency; and compare it to that of their neighbors.

How will MyEnergy help me save?

After you’ve filled out your energy profile in MyEnergy through the MyAccount portal (for information on how to register for MyAccount, visit here), you’ll receive detailed information on your personal energy usage. This includes easy-to-read graphs that compare your energy usage to homes similar to your own. MyEnergy will also provide customers with timely tips based upon the season to improve energy efficiency, as well as information on energy-saving progress. The reports are available 24/7 within the MyEnergy portal.

What other services does MyEnergy offer?

In addition to the reports, MyEnergy allows users to view their energy consumption month over month, and view how they use energy by activity. For the most accurate representation of your energy usage, be sure to complete your home energy profile.


MyEnergy also provides a saving tips plan with actions you can take to save energy, and an estimate of how much money the action will save you over the course of a year.


Have a question, data correction or request about your reports? Email or call 1-800-692-2626 (Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

What else can I do to save money on my energy bills?

MyEnergy is just one of many programs we offer to help our customers save energy and money.

We also offer a variety of rebates on ENERGY STAR-certified appliances and products, including washing machines, dish washers, power strips and others; as well as an $85 incentive through our Smart Savers Thermostat Program. This program allows us to make minor, short-term adjustments to your air conditioning that reduce power during periods of high demand for electricity.

For more ways to save, visit our efficiency page here. And, be on the lookout for our revamped energy analyzer, set to be unveiled by the end of 2017. In the meantime, take advantage of our existing Online Home Energy Analyzer, and be entered to win a $500 Amazon Gift Card.

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