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Teaching students energy efficiency through theater


Which words or phrases come to mind when you think of the electric utility industry?

Reliability, surely. Energy efficiency and restoration, likely. But curtain call? Not so much—until now.

We’ve partnered with The National Theatre for Children (NTC) to bring The Energized Guyz—a short play for elementary school students about energy efficiency—to schools across Long Island and the Rockaways. PSEG Long Island is the first utility in New York to work with NTC to showcase energy awareness to local schools.

The 25-minute production is an interactive comedy for Kindergarten through sixth grade students. The plot revolves around junior superhero Nikki Neutron, who is on a mission to stop energy from being wasted all over town. Along the way, Nikki and the students learn important lessons about energy resources and conservation—and even convince the crafty villain, the Sneaker, to join their cause. The program focuses on what energy is, how it is used, ways it is wasted and how it can be conserved.

“Live theatre is a great way to educate,” said NTC president and founder Ward Eames. “The show goes beyond reading or other more passive methods of engaging kids. These children are watching a story unfold right before their very eyes, with the two actors playing all sorts of characters. We don’t lose the kids’ attention for a minute, because they get to respond and interact with the show. It really sticks with them.”

The Energized Guyz is headed to more than 200 schools across Long Island and the Rockaways throughout 2017, and has received outstanding feedback from teachers across our service territory.

“This sponsored program was age appropriate and entertaining to my grade level,” said Denise Dima, a second-grade teacher at Ridge Elementary in Ridge. “The presenters were energized and knowledgeable. It was an enjoyable presentation for all. Thank you PSEG Long Island!”

Denise isn’t alone in her positive experience.

31586839266_5b31471238_z“Thank you for bringing this performance to our school,” said second-grade teacher Meg Knight of Centennial Elementary School in Roosevelt. “My students enjoyed the program and learned new information about energy. The costumes and characters held their attention throughout the program.”

For more information, or to arrange a performance at your child’s school, visit our website here. And, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube for pictures and video from the events; as well as other content about energy efficiency.

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