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Making meter reading work for you

Making things work for our 1.1 million customers is one of our top priorities at PSEG Long Island – which is why we pride ourselves on providing accurate, hassle-free energy bills.

In order to do this, we’ve come up with multiple options to help customers ensure their meters are read properly, and on time.

  • Check your bill. It starts with communicating the next scheduled meter read date on every bill our customers receive. We want to make sure it is not a surprise. Be sure to watch the video above, and visit our website to understand where you can find the next meter reading date.
  • Make sure the meter reader has access. If your meter is inside, we encourage you to arrange for someone to be available to let the meter reader in. If your meter is outside, we typically try to locate it ourselves as to cause minimal disruption to our customers’ daily routines. However, we want to remind customers that it is important to clear a safe walkway for our technicians to access the meter. Make sure the area is free of thorn bushes, poison ivy and other potential hazards, and dogs are kept in enclosed areas.If you want to verify that the person looking at your meter is, in fact, a PSEG Long Island employee, here’s what to look for. Meter readers wear our signature orange t-shirts with the PSEG Long Island logo with beige khaki pants, and carry ID for proof of employment.
meter reading safety
A Long Island home with an inaccessible meter.
  • Provide the meter reading by telephone. If your meter is not easily accessible and you know that no one will be home to accommodate the meter reader, we can help. As early as three days before your scheduled meter read, just submit your meter reading via our customer service number. If we are unable to access your meter after eight months, you or your building owner may be subject to a $25 (plus tax) charge on the following bill.
  • Provide the meter reading online. Using My Account, you can enter the reading, or simply upload a photograph of the meter display. Either way, our technicians will enter the data into your account for you.

These choices are important for more than just convenience – if a meter reader isn’t able to access your meter on their scheduled visit date, an estimate of your power consumption based on past data must be used to calculate your next bill. That estimate is typically accurate, but can occasionally result in a positive or negative balance on your account.

Want to call in your meter read? Call us at 1-800-490-0025. Want to submit a meter read? Visit our My Account login. And, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more tips like these.

Lynda Schweitzer, Meter Reader Supervisor

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