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Walk through any town on Long Island or the Rockaways and you’re almost guaranteed to find a staple spot unique to the area, whether it be a pizza place, deli, boutique or restaurant. These local businesses make up the fabric of the neighborhoods we call home–which is why we’re helping them save money and energy, so they can continue to succeed.

This week is National Small Business Week and to celebrate, we’re highlighting our energy efficiency programs and how they’re helping small businesses across our service territory save. The programs provide local companies with energy consultations to explain how they can cut back on consumption and costs. A consultation consists of a walk-through of an existing facility where all existing data is collected on power equipment. Our energy experts then recommend suggestions based on existing equipment and any potential energy efficiency upgrades.

Meet some local businesses that have benefited from our rebates and upgrades!

Small Town Main Street

The Madelaine Chocolate Company

The Rockaway Beach candy staple wanted to improve energy efficiency by lowering costs and bring more jobs back to the area. To do so, it installed 22 energy efficient heating and ventilation units and a cool roof, by replacing 190,000 square feet of asphalt with new materials. The family-owned chocolate manufacturer received more than $160,000 in rebates; saved $22,200 annually; and reduced its energy consumption by 185,000 kWh per year.

Arrow Linen Supply Company

The Garden City-based, commercial linen supplier upgraded to a fully automated air compression system and installed cool roof technology, which lowers the roof’s temperature by 50 degrees during peak temperatures. Through its enhancements, Arrow Linen Supply ultimately saved $85,400 on its annual bill; received a rebate of $25,286 through rebates; and will save 502,521 kilowatt hours (kWh) a year.

Atlas Switch

This electrical equipment manufacturer upgraded its commercial lighting and air
conditioning systems and received nearly $35,000 in rebates from our commercial efficiency program. The Garden City company also upgraded to about 200 LED fixtures that have reduced start-up time, while providing more light for less money, saving the company almost $14,000 a year. The upgrades also help the business to save a total of 67,869 kWh a year.

While you’re out and about in your town, keep an eye out for these testimonials on how we’re helping other mom and pop shops cut costs!

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