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PSEG Long Island customer service satisfaction on the rise (again)

Over 500 PSEG Long Island employees participated in the 2016 Marcum Workplace Challenge at Jones Beach this July.

When PSEG Long Island took the helm of distributing reliable and efficient power to Nassau, Suffolk and the Rockaways in 2014, we’ve had unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction—and according to one global market research company, it’s paying off.

J.D. Power—the recognized industry leader for customer satisfaction—recently released its latest customer satisfaction survey results, ranking PSEG Long Island as the fourth-most improved large utility in the nation. We’ve climbed 26 points from last year to achieve a score of 610, our highest thus far. In 2015, customer satisfaction climbed 52 points, making PSEG Long Island the most improved large utility in the nation.

J.D. Power scores are configured by surveying roughly 300 of our customers each quarter. The surveys include about 40 questions over six different categories to understand how the customer feels about the service, as well as their thoughts and feelings on the company. The results are measured on a 10-point scale, which are then tabulated and compared against peer panel of 16 other large utility companies in the Northeast on a 1,000-point scale.

So, why are we excited about this?

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do at PSEG Long Island, rooting back to the core of our mission statement:

graphic 3To build an industry leading electric company dedicated to providing our Long Island and Rockaways customers with exceptional customer service, best-in-class reliability and storm response as well as a strong level of involvement in the communities in which we live and work.”

We’ve also made a commitment to be in the top 25-percent of electric utility providers in the northeast, because above all, our goal is to make things work for you – plain and simple.

But even with these large and consistent improvements over the past few years, PSEG Long Island remains last among Large East Utilities. We’re determined to change that.

Here’s the plan.

Over the next six months, the company will deliver a number of upgrades and enhancements designed to make it easier and more convenient for customers to do business. Customers will soon see an upgraded and replaced My Account platform; a completely redesigned bill, featuring information to help customers better understand and manage their costs and usage; the ability to pay by text; and a totally revamped balanced billing program, which will allow customers to have a more consistent and predictable balanced payment for 12 consecutive months.

Over 500 PSEG Long Island employees participated in the 2016 Marcum Workplace Challenge at Jones Beach this July.

And there’s more.

For us, customer service doesn’t stop at business/consumer relations. In addition to keeping your lights on and making your interactions with us easier and more convenient, nearly every PSEG Long Island employee participates in giving back to the communities we all call home.

Keep an eye out for us across Long Island and be sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages to find out the next time we’ll be in your neighborhood.

Daniel Eichhorn - PSEG Long Island, Vice President - Customer Service

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