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Summer is officially here and families across Long Island are starting to shake out last year’s beach towels and blow up pool toys in anticipation of the warm weather. But higher temperatures can often mean higher energy bills, as the need for air conditioning and fans increases.

Don’t sweat it – these tips can help you save money and energy this season.

  • PUMP IT UP: Swapping out your pool pump for a more energy-efficient pump is a green choice for both the environment and your wallet. We offer our customers up to $350 in rebates if they upgrade to an ENERGY STAR® pool pump. Plus, more efficient pump replacements cost less, since they last up to three times longer than a single-speed pump. For more information on how to redeem a rebate or tips for upgrading pool equipment, visit our pool pump page, here.
  • COOL FOR THE SUMMER: The urge to flip on the AC in blistering heat can be hard to deny – but your electric bill doesn’t have to suffer the consequences. Customers can save up to $500 a year on their bills with two rebate programs when they upgrade to new, high-efficiency central air conditioning. The first option allows customers to choose a contractor from our Cool Homes Program and receive a rebate of up to $1,000; the other option allows customers to purchase a high-efficiency central air conditioner or mini-split system from any licensed contractor for a rebate up to $350. For more information on the rebate programs, visit our Cool Homes Program section.
  • SEAL THE DEAL: Sealing up holes and cracks around doors and weather-stripping window AC units ensures that cool air (and money) won’t go out the window.
  • HOME ALONE: Don’t bother cooling an empty home. Setting thermostats at a higher temperature when no one is home will help cut down on costs and energy consumption from an air conditioner.
  • STOCK UP: Keeping your fridge full has benefits for more than just midnight snack cravings. A fully stocked refrigerator takes longer to warm up when the door is open, meaning it takes less power to stay cool.

For more tips on how to stay cool, check out our summer tips press release.

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While we encourage conservation as a priority for customers, we also want to remind our customers across Long Island and in the Rockaways to practice safety this season. June is National Safety Month and, whether you’re hopping in the pool or headed to the back deck for some home improvement, it’s important to use caution during whatever activity you’re doing.

Here are a few tips for staying safe this summer.

  • SPARKS FLY: Keeping any kind of electrical device away from water sources like pools and hot tubs is a must. Instead, opt for battery operated electrical devices outside. Additionally, never hand electrical devices to others when your hands are wet.
  • LICENSE TO DRILL: Always consult a qualified, licensed electrician to perform any electrical work on air conditioners and other cooling equipment.
  • ELECTRIC FEEL: Summer is a great time for do-it-yourself projects, but practice caution when using power tools. Be sure equipment avoids coming in contact with live electrical wires, and warn family members to watch their step if the wire extends across the floor.Air Conditioning Repair
  • THROUGH THE WIRE: Avoid any contact with downed electric wires. If you see a wire down, call 911 and our emergency line at 800-490-0075. If the wire is making contact with a vehicle, do not touch any metal in the car and stay put until help arrives.
  • SHOOTS & LADDERS: Remember to keep all ladders far away from electrical lines, and avoid contact with wires while climbing ladders to trim tree
  • CALL ME MAYBE DEFINITELY: Before putting in that fence or planting that tree, customers are required by New York State to call 811 and request a mark-out from professionals to ensure they don’t hit any underground pipelines, conduits, wires or cables. The call is free, and a smart and safe way to avoid injuries and disruptions to vital utility services.

Check out our video for more tips on how to stay safe this summer.

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